Rita Zamora

In this series of “Jem Talks To…” videos, Rita Zamora from Dental Relationship Marketing discusses why she thinks it puts Dental Practice’s at a disadvantage by not having a video produced.

In this clip, Rita explains that patients now not only demand video on dental practice websites, but also expect a practice video and how having one produced gives you a competitive advantage.

Rita has successfully trained and motivated dentists, teams, consultants, as well as corporate clients. Rita and her team actively co-manage dozens of dental and medical practices’ social media programs, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Her clients are located across the United States, as well as internationally.

Rita has been published in professional publications such as Doctor of Dentistry and is also a regular contributor to the Dental Tribune International UK. She is Honorary Vice President to the British Dental Practice Managers Association where she assists the BDPMA executive team with social media marketing, as well as offers advice to BDPMA members.

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