Isn’t it time we all started having a bit more fun with our business marketing? You should try Video Marketing - it works!

Internet video marketing combines the power of moving pictures with the precision and interactivity of your business’s website. Online video is proving to deliver high levels of attention and engagement with clients.

What do you think your customers would do to find out more about the services and/or products you offer? Spend 20 minutes on your website, or watch a 3 minute video that does the same? People are hungry for information, but they don’t have time, so content needs to be quickly and easily digestible – a video does this incredibly well.

Video marketing incorporates videos into your marketing activities to promote what you’re selling. This could include creating a video, to show testimonials from satisfied customers, an interior and exterior tour of the business premises, or a story of the CEO and their background.

At JSP Media Group, we have a dedicated team of talented media professionals. Video is a brand differentiator in crowded markets so our state-of-the-art (High Definition) camera equipment, along with our sound and lighting kits will give your production that glossy look and high-end quality feel.

If you are wondering how a professional video can showcase your practice and improve your search engine results, let’s talk. Contact us on
01276 61777 or info@jspmediagroup.com

The 7-Step Process


Look through our Portfolio of videos and get an idea of the quality of the videos we've produced for others and then get in touch & let us know what you need!

We then work around what you want and will also give you suggestions on what we think will work best, based on your needs

Before the shoot day, we'll give you a document which outlines how your video looks on paper, then you can make amendments if you so wish. We'll also send you a Shooting Schedule so that your business can run efficiently on the day we are there

We then spend a day at your location, filming everything we discussed earlier in the process and making your business look amazing

Then it's back to the editing suite for us. That's where we put everything together; we'll also get the Voice-Overs recorded. We then send you a 'first cut' video for you to approve or make changes

Once you have approved the final video, we then add some of our special sparkle to really make your video stand out. To make your video easier to find on the internet, we'll also optimise it

Be prepared to welcome new customers who are interested in what you're selling and keep your existing customers back and start