Great question! JSP Media Group® is a production company, which means we are more than just lights and cameras. We come to you with ideas and expertise, with clear and consistent pricing, with a complete broadcast production team and a customer service ethic. We don’t want to be your supplier, we want to be your partner in creating compelling content from concept to view. If you don’t believe us then believe our customers.
Our specialist broadcast sound equipment is very sensitive to noise, so try to book us in when you are the least busiest – although, we will never ask you to close your business for us! Your video shoot will last approximately 7 – 8 hours and needs to be done at a single location, within your building.  However each video is different and you may have different ideas so let’s discuss your exact requirements
With our broadcast industry experience, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t in videos. We have 4 years of YouTube Insights that we look at to see which parts of the video your customers are likely to watch. So we’ll include: a live shoot at your place of business, professional voice over, royalty free music, digital effects, interviews with key staff members and in addition, we’ll distribute your video to the top video sites.
The UK remains the world leader in terms of market share for online advertising; this is due to the availability of fast and cheap broadband. A good indicator of people’s appetite for online video is the BBC’s iPlayer – in 2015, 412 million requests were made to watch a programme through it – this paints a huge picture of the scale of online video consumption. People in the UK watched over 630 million hours of online video content in December 2015 and this figure is rising all the time.
When a business embeds a video onto the their website from YouTube, Google reads this video file and helps to increase your ranking. Video is a brand differentiator in crowded markets; having a video will help ensure your business is towards the top of the page on a Google search. Viral video advertising is cost-effective as you only pay for it once: let customers tell their friends about it and they will tell their friends; before you know it, more and more people recognise your business and what treatments, products and services you offer.
Our own research has revealed that the ROI on videos produced by JSP Media Group are on average over 350%, the highest so far being 560%. Online exposure for the Colgate ad in the UK delivered roughly £4.65 of short-term sales for every £1 spent (ROI of 365%). A recent study by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau – UK) has shown that on-line video is not just about producing a return; it’s about exposure, publicity and brand values. The additional benefit from on-line video is that just by offering the option to watch a video about your business is already a selling point and is helping conversion rates increase.
It’s an excellent way of driving new business and retaining existing customers, by giving your business a great branding & a strong local identity. Video is a great for service, product and treatment promotion and is an excellent way of connecting to customers on a human level. It will stimulate customers’ emotions with easy to understand video content, after all, who better to explain the benefits of your business than your own staff and/or customers. By producing a video in this way, your customers will have a much greater understanding of the products, treatments and services you offer.
On-line video meets a variety of needs, from killing time and quick entertainment bursts to indulging niche interests and information gathering. A study has shown that people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and a huge 70% of what they see and hear! Online video is a new and exciting concept, which will enable your business to deliver brand messages in unique ways, thus helping them to stand out. If a business has “the look”, your customers will be engaged and therefore more likely to buy from you.
Due to the difficult legal environment surrounding music use in Video Marketing, JSP Media Group® manages the music selection in accordance with English law. If you prefer to use your own music, it will be your responsibility to ensure that all copyrights are covered for internet distribution. Please tell us this before we start the edit however way.  We can also produce a specific music track for you should you wish – just let us know.
We’ll liaise with your web developer to ensure that they embed the video directly from YouTube to your company website. We’ll also distribute your video across the Internet, and on video-sharing sites like YouTube, so search engines know you’re there. The advantage of web video marketing is that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo know that people prefer video over text or pictures, so they move videos higher in the search results where customers look first
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