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Principal :
Seema Sharma
Marita MacDonald
Brendon MacDonald
Telephone :
0151 728 3125
Address :
Vakmentor Ltd
23, Goodlass Road
L24 9HL

In this video, Marita MacDonald, vakmentor co-founder, discusses why vakmentor is a one of a kind learning program. With Payal Sharma, associate dentist and lecturer, they discuss why vakmentor is so different and why its value lies in its unique ability to learn certain modules until you reach your knowledge goals.

Marita discusses the concept of quality content on vakmentor, which makes it the perfect learner journey, the modules of which lead up to a diploma from the Institute of Leadership and Management. All of which makes it the perfect opportunity to learn and develop your skills at your own pace.

Vakmentor also provides great value to the busy dental professional as with virtual learning, you can access all modules at the click of a button, so you can work anywhere – either in the practice or at home.

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