vakmentor – Learning that doesn’t feel like learning

vakmentor – Membership vs Modules
Vakmentor – Vakmentor + vCPD = vavavoom!
Vakmentor – One of a Kind
vakmentor – One Trick Pony?
Vakmentor – What is Vakmentor?
Principal :
Seema Sharma
Marita MacDonald
Brendon MacDonald
Telephone :
0151 728 3125
Address :
Vakmentor Ltd
23, Goodlass Road
L24 9HL

In this video, Marita MacDonald, co-founder of vakmentor, discusses what vaklearning is and how it gives people a far deeper learning experience.

Payal Sharma, associate dentist and lecturer, talks about how she finds time to learn and why vakmentor makes it ideal to fit in her busy working life.

Payal also explains what she likes most about vakmentor and how it helps everyone in the dental practice to learn the same thing and put financial, marketing plans and quality audits into action.

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