Vakmentor – What is Vakmentor?

vakmentor – Membership vs Modules
Vakmentor – Vakmentor + vCPD = vavavoom!
Vakmentor – One of a Kind
vakmentor – Learning that doesn’t feel like learning
vakmentor – One Trick Pony?
Principal :
Seema Sharma
Marita MacDonald
Brendon MacDonald
Telephone :
0151 728 3125
Address :
Vakmentor Ltd
23, Goodlass Road
L24 9HL

In this video, Brendon MacDonald of vakmentor talks you through what vakmentor is, what it does and how vaklearning can give you a deeper learning experience.

Brendon will guide you through how vakmentor provides interactive learning using a range of techniques including the use of video, keywords and fun quizzes. Through do-its you can also practically apply the theory of what you’ve learnt in the modules and commit it to memory.

Vakmentor provides you with a personalised learning and development journey, with access to mentors 24/7, allowing you to develop your skills in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space.

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