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Principal :
Chris Barrow
Business Name :
Dental Business Club
Mobile :
07713 644437
Telephone :
01647 478145

Learn Chris Barrow’s 8 outcomes – the 3rd is: Branding, Marketing & Social Media:

Attract an abundance of new patients.

* Understanding the power of branding in 21C dentistry
* Reviewing your own brand and determining the future
* Identifying the patient types that you want to attract
* Agreeing the products and services that you want to offer
* Converting those products ands services into branded experiences
* Review of web marketing
* Google visibility
* Your web site and its structure/content
* Your social media marketing
* Review of relationship marketing
* Your existing patient reviews
* Your “word of mouth” systems
* Your centres of influence
* Local networking
* Strategic alliances
* Your referral study club (where applicable)
* Review of direct marketing
* Print media
* Radio and other digital media
* Signage
* Advertising, exhibitions and promotion
* Measuring the ROI on your marketing
* Establishing monitoring systems

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