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Principal :
Chris Barrow
Business Name :
Dental Business Club
Mobile :
07713 644437
Telephone :
01647 478145

Learn Chris Barrow’s 8 outcomes – the 5th is: Ethical Selling:

Become polished at the sales conversation.

* Telephony
* Becoming polished at answering FAQ’s
* Selling the first appointment
* Reception
* Welcoming the new patient
* Working with and remunerating treatment co-ordinators
* Building rapport during first appointments and review meetings
* Establishing the patients desired outcomes
* Listening to and appreciating the patients concerns
* Building and presenting the treatment plan – in layman’s terms
* Discussing payment options
* Overcoming concerns and objections to treatment and price
* Ethically closing the sale
* Creating referrals
* Managing the sales performance of other fee-earners

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