Mark Topley (Part 1)

In this first of a two part interview between Jem and Mark Topley, CEO of Bridge2Aid, Jem and Mark discuss how to volunteer with Bridge2Aid and the benefits of doing so, both to individual volunteers and to dental practices who support the volunteer programme by sending staff out to volunteer.

Since 2002 when we started work in Tanzania, Bridge2Aid has worked tirelessly to increase access to pain relief. Focussing on sustainability, and empowering local people to improve their own lives over the long term, we have trained over 160* local health workers in emergency dentistry, and now train more than 50 health workers each year.

This training has not only directly treated tens of thousands of people but has also extended access to emergency dentistry services to people living in the rural areas.

An estimated 1.6 million people now live within reach of someone who can help them when they have dental pain.

Bridge2Aid has also established a long term development programme with the disabled and People Affected by Leprosy at Bukumbi Care Centre.

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JSP Media GroupMark Topley (Part 1)