Mark Oborn

In this series of “Jem Talks To…” videos, Mark Oborn discusses the importance of Video Marketing for Dental Practices.

In this clip, Mark talks about the quality of the videos produced by JSP Media Group and how these videos adds engagement, which brings patients into the practice and Mark say’s it great for the practices’ website optimisation.

With Mark’s 23 years as a top UK dental technician and his Masters Degree in Business with a major in Marketing, Creativity and Innovation he is uniquely qualified to help your business reach online marketing success today.

If your primary objective in business is to help your patients solve their dental health problems (with making money an outcome of doing this well) then watch the video, but if your primary objective is to make money then please go visit some other website and save yourself some time.

The system which Mark has developed for dentistry uses a unique mix of indepth dental knowledge, marketing techniques, website conversion optimisation, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and email marketing in a co-ordinated system with robust analytics and tracking.

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