About Us

Founded by Jemish Patel in 2008, JSP Media Group has produced over 2,500+ hours of broadcast quality videos, ranging from corporate videos for Dental Practices and Care Homes to animations and videos for the Charity sector.

We are a team that live, breathe, eat and sleep video and everything that goes with it. What sets us apart is that we’re able to deliver film and television industry quality video production with our combined experience and unique expertise.

We are passionate about creating the ultimate video package to help your business grow and we pride ourselves in giving you exactly what you need.

Our ethos is:

WHY: We believe every business should communicate with
their clients in the most engaging, efficient and authentic
way possible

HOW: JSP Media Group provides unique products, services
and training modules produced by broadcast professionals
which enable businesses to market themselves effectively
using the medium of video

WHAT: JSP Media Group is a specialist video marketing
company that specialises in professional video marketing
solutions for businesses

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