Jem talks to the movers and shakers and gauges their thoughts on the importance of Video Marketing

Krishan Joshi

quote-leftRight from the onset I could tell that your videos were completely unique… these days dental practices have to differentiate themselves on the web and the best way to do it and to make sure that people have the highest regard for you is to have a fantastic corporate film infomercial about your practice, and that’s what you do.quote-right

Rita Zamora

quote-leftI really think that video marketing is so important for practices right now … what a lot of people don’t realise is that Youtube is the english speaking worlds second most popular search engine so I just think that it presents tremendous opportunities for practices.quote-right

Mark Oborn

quote-leftIt adds engagement with a website … it’s bringing people into a website, giving them the eyes to look into, being able to see the dentist…its also fantastic for optimisation, google loves videos, so if you can get videos onto websites you tend to bring in more traffic from google and from youtube. The videos are so well produced, the quality of them is so high. One of the things that patients can’t do when they get to a website is to judge the quality of the dentistry so they use other extrinsic clues to work out what is the quality of the dentistry, so the quality of that video represents the quality of the dentistry.quote-right

Dr Nadim Majid

quote-leftPeople are less and less reading material on the web and they want to see things and also because for dentists, it’s a very much relationship and service-orientated field, it’s really about interacting with people, and if you can interact with people from the moment that actually come onto your website, the best way to do that is through video.quote-right

Dr Abi Al-Adhami

quote-leftPeople actually want to see and hear rather than read through the pages of a website and I thought it was quite important to do that.quote-right

Brendon MacDonald

quote-leftVideo is one of the biggest media forms that people want to see. They don’t really want to read the text, they want to see everything in one go which is interesting, which is moving…As human beings we are conditioned to this, so reading becomes quite tedious for most people.quote-right

Cathy Johnson

quote-leftI love your videos. Because we’ve worked with the same clients and I’ve recommended you to some of my clients. I love what you do… they’re always very natural and they’re professional, the music you choose is always appropriate to the practice as I understand the practice to be.quote-right

Dr Ian Wilson & Mark Topley

quote-leftThe reason we commissioned our video is because for us trying to communicate some of the issues that we’re addressing here is very difficult, but capturing things on film and being able to produce something which would then communicate the vision with values and with passion to a wider audience is really important for us.quote-right


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