Dr Nadim Majid

In this series of “Jem Talks To…” videos, Nadim Majid from Lifestyle Dental discusses why he commissioned JSP Media Group to produce 6 of his dental practice videos and says he had a lot of fun on the day of the shoot.

In this clip, Nadim talks about the viral video we produced for him which had about 600 views in the first month alone on You Tube and he says it was the talk of the town on Facebook.

Nadim is a dedicated and enthusiastic dental surgeon with a proven track record in delivering the highest standards of care. Skilled in the use of sedation and hypnotherapy with an understanding of aesthetic and implant orientated treatments. Dedicated to constant learning and improve so he can offer the highest standard of care to the patient.

Nadim lives in Lancashire and has recently had twins (one boy Sarim and one girl Liya). His wife is a teacher and teaches in Blackburn at a primary school.

He is working hard with the local community promoting oral health. Outside dentistry, he enjoys spending time with his family, computing/internet, keeping fit and personal development.

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