Dr Abi Al-Adhami

In this series of “Jem Talks To…” videos, Abi Al-Adhami from Abi Dental discusses the importance of Video Marketing for her practice.

In this clip, Abi tells us how she heard of us and why she thinks that a video for a Dental Practice is a must-have. Abi also points out how much fun she had with the film crew and that it was “a day off” for her.

Originally born in the Middle East, Abi was raised and educated in Kansas City, in the United States. She then went on to qualify from the University of Baghdad, college of Dentistry and spent 5 years working for the United Nations in the Middle East. This experience has given her a tremendous insight into the true value of forming relationships with her patients that are based on communication and trust.

“People just want to know about their options and it’s my job to work out how we can help them to achieve their ambitions. Only then can we agree the best way forward and work together to make it happen”

As well as general dentistry Abi has received further training in Intravenous sedation, which can be of real benefit to very nervous patients. Abi is a member of the S.A.A.D sedation society.

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