Brendon MacDonald (Part 1)

In this first episode Jem & Brendon talks about Social Media and Video Marketing and they go hand-in-hand with each other.

Brendon explains that viewers who are strapped of time and more likely to watch a video than read out some text; viewers want to see and hear, rather than read.

ApexHUB specialises in engaging content in online media through written word, social media interaction, video, pictures and audio.

ApexHUB is an online publishing company that has specialist skills and expertise in three main areas:
•ApexEzines: digital turning-page ezine publishing (content creation, editorial layout, optimised design, turning-page hosting)
•ApexSocial: social media consulting, management and training
•ApexDentisTV: online video channel for dental professionals

We believe that in order for businesses to be successful in today’s ever-changing digital age, they need to become publishers of content. Companies that publish content give their brand(s) the opportunity to demonstrate information leadership, which is the first step towards engagement. We help our clients with content creation, information dissemination and sustained engagement tailored to their target audiences.

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JSP Media GroupBrendon MacDonald (Part 1)