Video Marketing for Dentists

I’ve always wanted to write my own blog, but just haven’t put in the time (or the effort) to do this – until now.

Last month I enjoyed my first ever webinar; yep, you may be surprised to learn that I have never taken part in this sort of stuff before, but I learnt a lot.  It was on Dental Marketing, by the Master of we design: Krishan Joshi and it was on being able to rank a page on Google within 60 minutes.  So thanks to Krishan Joshi from Dental Focus Web Design for your helpful insights.

So, let’s get down to it.  I’m lucky; I get to do what I love – everyday!  For those of you who don’t know me, I specialise in Video Marketing for Dentists, with JSP Media Group.

We visit Dental Practices up and down the country (we’ve even been to Tanzania for Bridge2Aid) producing engaging videos since 2009.

JSP Tanzania shootDuring the last 3 years, we’ve noted an interesting trend in terms of what your patients like watching and expect to see as part of the practice video package.  During our own extensive research, using our very own analysis from YouTube insights, we can use this data effectively and to your own advantage.

Have a look on the main JSP Media Group website to see the type of videos (and quality) we produce so that you get a better understanding of how our process works.  We have produced well over 200 videos for the Dental sector and this number is growing every month.

With the explosion of 4G (fast mobile broadband) more and more of your patients will be using their smart-phone or tablets to view websites, and unlike in the past where video streaming was cumbersome, with this new 4G technology your patients will absorb more of the information in the videos.

You can see more of our work in our upcoming newsletter which is due out on 9th April 2013.  If you haven’t already signed up to it, please do so here.

  • Jayne Thompson

    Wow! Your videos are amazing. We have companies here in the US who offer something like you do, but the quality of your work is very impressive. Would you be able to offer this service to us somehow?

    • That was a very quick comment – thanks! When you’re free, please pass me your contact details at and we can set a time and date to discuss this. Regards, Jem.