Video Marketing Meets Digital Signage – A Killer Combo

The most effective marketing tells a story. In the 21st century, how do we prefer to consume our stories? Video. You have the domination of platforms like Netflix, and the fact YouTube is one of largest search engines in the world.

Today people turn to the TV before they pick up a book. Video is where the attention is at, so it makes complete sense that companies do their marketing through this medium too.

Whether you are a corporate organisation, a healthcare practice or a retailer, video marketing is a highly effective means of conveying information to your customers and even employees. A professionally produced video can really set your organisation apart. Express the values of your brand in an animated video; the details of your product in an explainer video; or introduce your team through personalised interviews. However you choose to utilise video, make sure the delivery is of the highest quality and your message will shine through.

Once you have had a professional video made, you’ll want to get as many eyes on it as possible. To command the largest audience, more and more organisations are opting to deploy videos on their websites. This is a great tactic because videos are 41% more likely to get clicked than text, helping to decrease the bounce rate of your website. Sharing your video (or a sneak preview) across social media platforms is a great way to expand its reach, as is publishing it to a company YouTube channel.

But what about the ‘offline’ world? Too often organisations consider video marketing the realm of Facebook and forget about their own physical premises. Digital signage perfectly fits the bill. Simply referring to digital displays that show multimedia content, such as video, digital signage is a great communication channel for any organisation.


Effective locations for screens include corporate reception areas, practice waiting rooms and shopping centres. At the former, a welcome video would engage visitors, while the latter might choose to promote services and products. Greeting your audience with a high quality video reflects well on your organisation and creates a positive first impression.

Digital signage can be used to deploy your video content in a number of ways. You can either upload it straight to a cloud-based solution, or embed it through YouTube or other live web pages. However you go about deploying your video content, it is sure to turn heads.

Video marketing and digital signage are a killer combo when it comes to communication. Make the most of your content and share it on dynamic screens in your physical premises too, as well as online.

Article by Jem in partnership with TrouDigital. For any inquiries, please call 01276 61777 or email