Video Marketing Meets Digital Signage – A Killer Combo

The most effective marketing tells a story. In the 21st century, how do we prefer to consume our stories? Video. You have the domination of platforms like Netflix, and the fact YouTube is one of largest search engines in the world.

Today people turn to the TV before they pick up a book. Video is where the attention is at, so it makes complete sense that companies do their marketing through this medium too.

Whether you are a corporate organisation, a healthcare practice or a retailer, video marketing is a highly effective means of conveying information to your customers and even employees. A professionally produced video can really set your organisation apart. Express the values of your brand in an animated video; the details of your product in an explainer video; or introduce your team through personalised interviews. However you choose to utilise video, make sure the delivery is of the highest quality and your message will shine through.

Once you have had a professional video made, you’ll want to get as many eyes on it as possible. To command the largest audience, more and more organisations are opting to deploy videos on their websites. This is a great tactic because videos are 41% more likely to get clicked than text, helping to decrease the bounce rate of your website. Sharing your video (or a sneak preview) across social media platforms is a great way to expand its reach, as is publishing it to a company YouTube channel.

But what about the ‘offline’ world? Too often organisations consider video marketing the realm of Facebook and forget about their own physical premises. Digital signage perfectly fits the bill. Simply referring to digital displays that show multimedia content, such as video, digital signage is a great communication channel for any organisation.


Effective locations for screens include corporate reception areas, practice waiting rooms and shopping centres. At the former, a welcome video would engage visitors, while the latter might choose to promote services and products. Greeting your audience with a high quality video reflects well on your organisation and creates a positive first impression.

Digital signage can be used to deploy your video content in a number of ways. You can either upload it straight to a cloud-based solution, or embed it through YouTube or other live web pages. However you go about deploying your video content, it is sure to turn heads.

Video marketing and digital signage are a killer combo when it comes to communication. Make the most of your content and share it on dynamic screens in your physical premises too, as well as online.

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Cheapest Is Rarely Best





By: Jemish Patel

As you may know, we’re a video production company, specialising in producing innovative and engaging videos.  Since we were established back in 2009, our prices have stayed the same, but for us what has changed the most is customer feedback.Every one of our clients absolutely loves what we do, but before they become our clients we have to, of course, talk about the issue of price.  For some clients our prices are spot on or less than they thought, whilst for others they were expecting something cheaper; usually because their nephew’s friend or second cousin twice removed is amazing at filming things and can do it for a third of the quoted price.

For us, creativity, quality and innovative filming come at a cost, especially when delivering on promises.  Let’s take what we do as example.

In our experience, a one-person company who visits your practice for a 2 or 3 hour shoot, with a camera and edit suite is never going to make a great business video.  Great prices maybe, but they just don’t have a big enough skill set.

More than the ability to wield a camera is the need to plan ahead of the shoot.  This requires four essential components: industry insight, creative collaboration, words that work on video and most of all, experience.  Well, here at JSP Media Group, we do things differently; we don’t believe in scripts – they are for trained actors who have time to memorise them.

The images have to match the words, and should flow.  This is what will keep a viewer’s full attention for more than 10-20 seconds (which is when many people’s attention starts drifting).  This is why we use suitable music from start to finish, complementing the mood of the video, along with a professional voice over.

If most of your video never gets watched (and you can measure this), don’t persist with it, start again!  You’ve hired the wrong person, even if they cost you 35% less.

And then there’s the filming.  Producing videos can be complex. You may need footage from several locations, or interviews with key people.  These scenes often need to be shot from various angles to get variety and continuity.

For this, two cameras is best.  It not only gives our editor more to work with, but saves shoot time and your money.  Also, your interviewer needs to be able to get the most out of the subject.

Then there are editors, and great editors.  Our editors are specialists and have worked for broadcast companies and to the highest standards.  The same with our camera crews and graphics animators.

Again, there’s no substitute for experience and specialist talent.  Excellence has to be in every frame, otherwise your viewers will quickly lose interest and hit that dreaded stop button.

So, if you’re comparing prices (there’s nothing wrong with that), first ask yourself – ‘What kind of team am I getting?’  If your video needs that special sparkle of creativity, that unerring aim at the target market and the leading-edge look and feel that all business audiences expect, the team you hire has to be able to deliver.

Come and talk to us and get to know us; the more you ask us questions, the more you’ll learn about our areas of expertise.  Ask a lot of questions, it’s your money and more importantly, it’s your reputation.

Talking to us at length is good. As well as revealing what we know about your industry, you’ll get a perspective on our creativity and production processes and on how comfortable we are to work with – good collaboration is essential to success.

So the question for you is not: ‘How much will this cost me?’, but ‘How much can you give me?’ Our answer will always be, ‘A lot more than you expect.

The best companies in every industry always deliver more.  When it comes to video production, cheapest is rarely best.

Daily Internet Usage By Adults Rises To 73%

By Jemish Patel

According to newly released official figures, almost 3 out of every 4 adults in Britain use the internet daily.  The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have said 73% of adults, which is 36 million, have logged on in 2013 so far.  Since comparable records began, the figure was more than double the 35% recorded in 2006.

The ONS added that for the first time the majority of adults read newspapers online (55%), which was up from 47% in 2012.  It said 43% of adults went online to research health information which is great if you have a dental website and better still if you have video as potential customers are likely to watch that video and then act on it.

These facts make interesting reading if you are thinking about have a professionally produced video for your business.

JSP Media Group produce bespoke videos for your business.  Get in touch and see how we can help you grow your business using Video Marketing.  Call us today on: 01276 61777, or visit our website at


Video advertising grew by a whopping 46% in 2012


Advertising revenue from UK smartphones grew at 10 times the rate of other online platforms in 2012, according to a new report, with Video advertising growing 46% to £160m – this accounts for 12% of online and mobile display in 2012.

This now accounts for just under a tenth of the total advertising spend, which has broken the £5bn barrier for the first time.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) said a study conducted by PwC showed spending on online advertising reached £5.42bn in 2012.

Overall advertising spending on the internet jumped 12.5% last year, defying a flagging economy as companies battled to reach consumers spending more time on smartphones and tablet computers.

The study, which used data from companies that had provided information the previous year, said internet advertising spending rose £607m on 2011, with some £323m due to an increase in mobile advertising.

Britain has led the way in moving advertising from traditional areas like newspapers and radio to the internet.

A high take-up of broadband and the rise of smartphones and tablet computers which allow users to access the internet on the go have helped the shift.

With around two-thirds of adult Britons owning a smartphone as of December 2012, mobile advertising now accounts for almost 10% of all digital ad spending compared with about 1% in 2009.

The new 4G services will make downloading high-resolution video easier and enable better multi-tasking on the latest smartphones and tablets.

EE, Britain’s biggest mobile operator, said it was now on track to sign up one million customers for its 4G service by the end of the year.

The consumer goods sector overtook the finance sector as the biggest spender on digital display advertising – accounting for almost 16% of display ad spend in 2012.

JSP Media Group’s latest newsletter

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Social Media marketing with ApexHub

Just before we swittch off for the weekend, I just wanted to publicly thank Brendon MacDonald and his team at Apex Hub for helping me set up my Social Media icons on my Blog.


It’s great to have such talented friends who can use their expertise at a drop of a hat – something that I was battling with for over 5 hours took ApexHub just over 5 minutes.

Get in touch with ApexHub and see how they too can help you engage with your audience with Social Media interaction.

Video Marketing for Dentists

I’ve always wanted to write my own blog, but just haven’t put in the time (or the effort) to do this – until now.

Last month I enjoyed my first ever webinar; yep, you may be surprised to learn that I have never taken part in this sort of stuff before, but I learnt a lot.  It was on Dental Marketing, by the Master of we design: Krishan Joshi and it was on being able to rank a page on Google within 60 minutes.  So thanks to Krishan Joshi from Dental Focus Web Design for your helpful insights.

So, let’s get down to it.  I’m lucky; I get to do what I love – everyday!  For those of you who don’t know me, I specialise in Video Marketing for Dentists, with JSP Media Group.

We visit Dental Practices up and down the country (we’ve even been to Tanzania for Bridge2Aid) producing engaging videos since 2009.

JSP Tanzania shootDuring the last 3 years, we’ve noted an interesting trend in terms of what your patients like watching and expect to see as part of the practice video package.  During our own extensive research, using our very own analysis from YouTube insights, we can use this data effectively and to your own advantage.

Have a look on the main JSP Media Group website to see the type of videos (and quality) we produce so that you get a better understanding of how our process works.  We have produced well over 200 videos for the Dental sector and this number is growing every month.

With the explosion of 4G (fast mobile broadband) more and more of your patients will be using their smart-phone or tablets to view websites, and unlike in the past where video streaming was cumbersome, with this new 4G technology your patients will absorb more of the information in the videos.

You can see more of our work in our upcoming newsletter which is due out on 9th April 2013.  If you haven’t already signed up to it, please do so here.