Aerial Drone Filming

We love creating ultra-smooth, cinematic footage and with our remote-controlled multi-rotor UAVs, or “drones” (which has aerial permissions granted from the C.A.A.) our cameras are gyro-stabilised and have full 360° 3-axis capability.
Using the latest technology in video downlinks, images and video from the air is transmitted to the ground in real time, allowing the Pilot and the entire crew, the full control of camera movements.
This exciting service can be used by a wide variety of clients, including property developers, sports, events, commercials, TV and viral films. So along with the famous JSP crew we can include this latest filming technique to your video or simply allow you to inspect a premises from the air.

  • CAA Approved
  • Insurance cover £2m
  • Night Flying
  • Indoor Flying
  • Licensed UAV Pilot
  • 1 man and 2 man operative options
JSP Media GroupAerial Drone Filming